Exercises to improve bladder control and alleviate urinary incontinence symptoms

Caspian Hartwell - 8 Nov, 2023

Expanding Your Relaxation Exercise Toolkit

Alright, let's hop straight into this, shall we? As someone possessing first-hand experience and grappling with some bladder control issues myself, I've taken it upon myself to master some powerful exercises that could help alleviate urinary incontinence symptoms. One day, during my morning jog across the stunning landscapes of Wellington, New Zealand, I encountered a health practitioner who presented a fresh take on a variety of exercises, primarily focusing on improving bladder control. Engaging, isn't it?

Naturally, my curiosity was piqued. After all, an improved way of life is something I've always strived for, both for myself and for my amazing spouse, Cressida, who has been remarkably supportive in my quest for better health. Taking inspiration from their valuable guidance, I started to incorporate these exercises into my daily routine. Fun, huh? Well, it certainly turned out that way. Here's the good news: they can become an enjoyable part of your life too!

Understanding the Importance of a Strong Pelvic Floor

Just to get this out there: your pelvic floor is equivalent to the silent superhero carrying out precarious missions without letting you in on the action. This understated muscle group is your body's very own emergency plumber, fighting leaks and ensuring seamless operations. It's like Wellington's iconic Cable Car: it's constantly working behind the scenes, effortlessly transporting passengers up and down the steep slope while providing breathtaking views of our Bay area. And just as we need regular maintenance for the Cable Car, our pelvic floor muscles need constant attention and exercise, even more so when they're tested by urinary incontinence.

"Your body's refusal to let you pee in peace is actually its own unconventional way of pleading for help," the health practitioner fittingly pointed out. So, brace yourselves for a fascinating journey as I navigate you through some wonderful exercises that could help reinforce this wonder-worker we call the pelvic floor.

Mastering Kegel Exercises

First on the list, we have Kegel exercises. Familiar, right? Now, let's delve a bit deeper. Kegel exercises target your pelvic floor muscles, training them to become champions at their job. Imagine training a dog for a show - it's obedient, but needs that specific training to become the star performer, and Kegel exercises do exactly the same for your pelvic floor muscles. The bonus? It's easy as pie.

The beauty of Kegel exercises is that they can literally sneak into your schedule, no matter how tight it is. You could be cooking your favourite curry, flipping through a novel, or watching a rugby match - and voila! You could be doing your Kegels. Just like your favourite character in the comic series might keep his superhero identity under wraps, you can perform these exercises anywhere, anytime, without anyone knowing!

Elevating Your Yoga Game

Yoga, the mystical and ancient practice from India, has garnered widespread acclaim for its assorted benefits in recent years - from stress relief to boosting digestive health. But did you know that yoga could also step up your bladder control efforts? Piqued your interest, didn't I?

Yoga enhances muscle strength and increases flexibility – attributes that are paramount when it comes to reinforcing your pelvic floor and alleviating urinary incontinence symptoms. Besides, in embracing yoga, you'd be joining the worldwide yogic community, stretching around the globe like our very own Cook Strait. And isn't it fun to embrace a holistic and beneficial activity that connects you with the world as it helps you strengthen your bladder control?

So, the next time you roll out your yoga mat, remind yourself you are not only honouring an age-old tradition but also effectively shielding yourself from bladder control woes. Now, get ready to breathe, stretch, and hold as I walk you through some yoga poses that could help boost your bladder control.

Riding the Pilates Wave

Are we on the same wavelength in agreeing that exercises can be fun? Good! Now let's surf the Pilates wave together. Pilates strengthens the core and tightens the muscles, but its most overlooked benefit is how it can boost bladder control.

Pilates orchestrates a symphony of muscles, allowing them to work in tandem and strengthen the overall core. Remember, a strong core translates to a resilient pelvic floor. And no, you don’t need to be a perfect fit to jump into Pilates. Whether you're a fitness rookie or a seasoned veteran, Pilates can be tailored to meet your specific capabilities. It's the friendliest neighbor in the fitness community - perceptive, flexible, and fun!

So, are you up for the adventure of trying these exercises? If you're keen, these paradigms of fitness will not only help you improve your bladder control but also enhance your overall health, injecting a profound sense of well-being in your daily life. Life may indeed sometimes feel like a steep climb up Mount Victoria, but with such exercises in your arsenal, you can look forward to a rewarding view at the top!

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